We Are Only About One Thing - You Having More Money.

Since 1998, Hi-Q group has been all about growth.  But more specifically, the growth of your money.

Our focus is threefold:

  1. Metrics Based Marketing
  2. Management Consulting
  3. Technology Cohesiveness

Metrics Based Marketing means that we don’t care too much about our ‘opinion’ on what is going to work.  As IBM’s #1 Marketer, Matt Minarik brings a methodology that is scientific and proven that drives leads and sales.  Everything has been tested with statistical validity.  Within that we hone down to our proprietary processes of: 1 ) Database Profiling to find the exact prospect target; 2 ) Marketing Matrix that numerically ranks and rates your audience and the drivers; 3 ) Our Sales & Marketing Scorecard that elucidates exactly where your focus is now and where it should be, and 4 ) Our Sales Formula, which is an actual mathematical model based on Numerator and Denominator scores that predicts your ‘Time to Sale’. 

Our Management Consulting takes our decades of working with Fortune 500 Companies and peels back the operational onion to see where the bottlenecks are and the cultural impediments, and then devises ‘actionable items’ to fix these problems.  This increases productivity and thus profitability in dramatic fashion.

Technology Cohesiveness means that first we reduce cyber risk, increase governance, and then make sure it all works together.  The best technology programs without the training and integration is both a waste of money and a drain on human resources.  

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