About Matthew Minarik and Hi Q Group

Our goal is to exceed yours.

We provide actionable recommendations that:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase efficiencies, and thus
  • Reduce operational costs.

In short, we increase profits for you. 

So how do Matthew Minarik and Hi Q Group do this?

There are 6 specific and proprietary methods to increasing your sales and profits. 

Just as in the human body where everything is related to everything else, in every organization everything is related to everything else.  That is why we begin with culture and data governance.

Odds are great that your data is not managed efficiently.  And that’s a problem.

That problem is typically a cultural issue.

Good culture, where the ‘values’ are clearly stated, understood and integrated is the foundation for good data governance and energized marketing and sales endeavors.

Then we use metrics:  Metrics around your existing customer file (list).  Metrics on your Sales and Marketing endeavors (Our Sales & Marketing Scorecard). Metrics around the ‘ Economic Drivers’ for your business.  Metrics around the Sales Formula (and it is a real formula).  Finally, Metrics around technology cohesion.   These metrics make everything you do visible and measurable.  

You can only affect what you can measure.  

The speed and amount of a company’s growth is directly proportional to how well it securely governs its information across the organization and correctly relays that information to its customers and employees.

Our core competencies are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Communication Processes
  • Cyber Security
  • Lead Generation
  • Privacy
  • Culture Solidification
  • Information Governance
  • Direct Marketing

If you are looking for increased productivity and growth, then Matthew Minarik believes Hi-Q group’s Management Consultation Services is the starting block for your growth.

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