Marketing Consulting

EBITDA and Marketing?

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). Maybe you have a good creative group.  Maybe you have an ad agency.  Maybe you need someone sitting on your side of the desk.

Our marketing consulting is different because we approach it from a financial and strategic business initiative.  We begin our work with customized analysis.  We look at the numbers, the Return on Investment (ROI), the costs, the revenue streams, the EBITDA and more. You need to ask yourself “Would other marketing consultants do that?”

Marketing has to integrate into the full fabric of the business.  So if you want a marketing consultant that understands marketing and business, then Hi Q group is for you.

Of course, we also understand marketing and all the elements involved with that.. We have written the book on it. The elements have been taught it internationally and implemented globally.

We work on a 3 month basis. You will see results immediately because we don’t sit around.  We make things happen!  Typically, you will see positive sales within weeks!I

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